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Navigation Keys is an addon for Firefox, which adds the ability to jump through the posts of a website with your keyboard – just like on facebook or 9gag.
It is compatible with NextPlease. Just define the same keys on both plugins. NextPlease will get the input only at the bottom or the top of the page.


The Keys

navkeyaddonpageFirst of all, you have to specify the desired key-combinations.
Default is: “J” for “next” and “K” for “previous”.
To change them, go to Firefox’s add-ons manager and click on the “Navigation Keys” preferences button.
Here you can enter your combinations.
After you finished, hit “reload”.

I used a library from for the shortcuts-implementation and the following is an excerpt from their website:

Supported Keys

The shortcut keys should be specified in this format …




The valid modifiers are

  • Ctrl
  • Alt
  • Shift
  • Meta

You can specify a sequence without a modifier as well.

The valid Keys are…

  • All alpha/numeric keys – abc…xyz,01..89
  • Special Characters – Every special character on a standard keyboard can be accessed.
  • Special Keys…
    • Tab
    • Space
    • Return
    • Enter
    • Backspace
    • Scroll_lock
    • Caps_lock
    • Num_lock
    • Pause
    • Insert
    • Home
    • Delete
    • End
    • Page_up
    • Page_down
    • Left
    • Up
    • Right
    • Down
    • F1
    • F2
    • F3
    • F4
    • F5
    • F6
    • F7
    • F8
    • F9
    • F10
    • F11
    • F12

These keys are case insensitive – so don’t worry about using the correct case.

 Add a website

To make the keys work on a specific website, you have to add it to the addon.

navkeyscontextGo to the website and count the posts through which you want to navigate.
Then open the context menu by right-clicking any free space on the page, click on “Navigation Keys” and “Add this website”.
If this doesn’t work, try “List all selectors”.
If this doesn’t work either, write a comment, a mail, or – if you’re familiar with jQuery/CSS-selectors – you can enter a selector yourself.
The Firefox web-developer “inspector” (ctrl+shift+i on win, alt+cmd+i on mac) is very helpful to find the best attributes to select.

When it dosen’t work

If the addon won’t work with your desired website, please send a request via mail or comment, so I can improve the addon to work with as many websites as possible.
Thanks for your support!

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